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I spy a great education, accessible to all.

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Discover the world of education. One site. One search. Compare and evaluate results side-by-side. That thing you need, the thing you’ve been looking for that you didn’t think actually existed… It’s all here, just waiting to be found.

Find. Manage. Share. All in your iSPY locker.

iSPY Education’s search and work platform gives you the power to find the courses you need and even gives you a workspace to save searches, organize results, add your own notes, archive purchases, and collaborate with others. Building a curriculum for your micro-school or learning-pod? Sharing advanced math supplemental resources with your classroom parents?

iSPY has you covered. We are all about working together.

Search by Grade, Subject,
Class Type, and Student’s Needs.

When your learner is in need, where do you start? iSPY (I spy) an intuitive collaborative search tool that matches you to thousands of tools, organizations, and products instantaneously. Our Smart Search and custom-designed educational pathways will help you find the right math tutor, remote online academy, gap-year program, or summer soccer camp. We can even help you purchase the best tablet for your 10 year old wanting to explore animation.

Our Story.

iSPY Education was founded with a bold mission: to make the world of education accessible to all. But our story starts a little closer to home. Click here to read more...

Meet Our Education Experts

What makes us different from other search engines? At iSPY Education, we have assembled a team of educational professionals who keep our inventory fresh and updated. The secret sauce to our intuitive search and retrieval system is our understanding of the world of education.

Interested in an education concierge? Reach out and we’ll connect you to someone happy to address your needs, perform custom research and deliver the best educational plan for your student.

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Can’t find your company on iSPY? Click the link below. We are always looking for new and unique providers to join us in our journey to make education accessible to all.

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